From Park to Top Gear Pack

From Park to Top Gear Pack
$197.00 ( INCLUDES GST of 10% )


  • Lead Generating ideas & Overcoming Objections

    On this disc the Coach will take you through some lead generating ideas that he did as an award winning BDM for Integrity Real Estate. Successful tips and strategies that Deniz put in place to help make him the market leader in the Shoalhaven district. Deniz will also go through some objections that are commonly faced for every BDM, and what was put in place to make the transition from the BDM to the property manager.

  • Investor Support Service

    On this disc you will learn what the pinnacle reason was for Deniz listing over “700 managements” in a three year period. The Investor Support Service raised the standard of how business development can be done, and also be implemented in your office. The Investor Support Service put the coach on the map in the Shoalhaven, as he caught the leads before his rivals did, also giving him National recognition in doing so. Now he’s coaching other agencies across Australia and New Zealand, and you can now hear how.

  • Three Keys to Winning the Business

    In this session Deniz covers three important areas that will help you become a successful listing agent, even prior to you getting into the door of your potential client. Take home valuable information that can help make your presentation skills smoother than ever. Gaining trust from your client is one of valuable keys, Deniz explains how he gained trust and also goes through what he did wrong in some cases too, so you can learn what questions to ask, when to ask them, and even how.

  • Scripts & Dialogues

    On this disc Deniz is interviewed by Darren Hunter from Darren questions Deniz on how he overcame some of the commonly asked questions for BDM’s, while he was a BDM himself and now trains others on the same responses. “What are your fees”? “I don’t want to give you my details”, through to “I want YOU to manage my property” are just some of the uncomfortable questions that are asked, and let’s not forget, “if you match the fees of the agent down the road, I’ll give you my management”.