Ten Things Investor Clients Want Property Managers to Know - MP3

Ten Things Investor Clients Want Property Managers to Know - MP3
$99.00 ( INCLUDES GST of 10% )

  • Improve your care factor and understand your clients better.
  • Deepen your client loyalty and increase your referral business.
  • Know what your clients care and stress about.


Understanding your clients better will deepen their loyalty to you and your company, resulting in them referring you more business to grow your rent roll bigger and better than ever.


To do this, you need to understand how they think, why they've taken the investment risks they have, what they stress about late at night and why they make decisions they do.


This live seminar recording allows the property manager to really enter the mind of their clients so they think like they do.


This audio pack is a must for all business owners who want their staff to care and communicate more with their clients, and for property managers wanting to know how to serve their needs better, deepening their loyalty and trust.


In this live seminar recording, you will understand:

  • WHY your clients need you to give them tough advice.
  • WHY they insist on and need regular communication.
  • WHY they prefer better service over cheaper fees, and what they really want.
  • WHY your clients have invested in the first place, and what really motivates them.


Don't delay anymore and improve your care factor or that of your staff, delight and understand your clients better and improve the amount of referral business you receive.


Running time - 65 mins (approx)


Mp3 Audio Tracks with download link.


Available for Immediate Download.



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