NT Version - Property Owner's Handbook - A Powerful Point of Difference!

NT Version - Property Owner's Handbook - A Powerful Point of Difference!
$330.00 ( INCLUDES GST of 10% )


Get an edge now over your competitors and impress the prospective client!


This NT Version of the Property Owner's Handbook is implemented and promoted as a point of difference, impressing your prospective clients at listing appraisals with your exhaustive, educational and exclusive Property Owner's Handbook.


Put it in their hand, explain it to them briefly, show how it can benefit them and then ask for it back. Of course, only if they sign up with you can they have a copy of your exclusive Property Owner's Handbook!


There is nothing else available to the property management industry that allows you to easily tailor for your use.


Your only alternative is that you write your own which can take possibly up to 40 hours to create! Why would you want to spend up to a week typing and writing when for a much smaller investment we have done all the hard work for you!


We consistently hear from property managers attempting to write their own handbook, and quite frankly we don't know of one yet that has finished it!


Why? Because property managers are busy managing property!


Download a Sample of the Property Owner's Handbook Now! (14 of 34 pages- SA Version used as the example/sample)


Why will the Property Owner's Handbook work for you?

  • You can better educate clients on your overall management process, reducing possible future conflict.
  • Use it as an induction tool to educate the client when signing the new Management Agreement, giving your new clients a level of service they have never experienced before.
  • Strengthen your business relationship with your new clients and build trust in your services.
  • Stand out from 'the pack' with a strong point of difference over your competition when your prospective clients are comparing you against others (as they do!)
  • No need to attempt to create your own and risk it never being finished, just tailor and implement ours because the work is done!


What are other agents saying about the Property Owner's Handbook as a point of difference?


"The Property Owner’s Handbook and Tenant Handbook has been invaluable not only as an educational tool, but also to win over new business.


A number of times we have been able to refer current clients and tenants back to the handbooks in key operational areas, resolving disputes and potential conflict quickly.


Further, when presenting to prospective clients not only are they impressed with the Property Owner’s Handbook, but also the Tenant Handbook because they know that if they sign up with us, they can see the level and depth of education their tenant will receive should they place their business with us.


It makes it real easy to get the business as ‘the obvious choice’ over other competitors who only use discounting as a point of difference.” Joe Iemma- Director and Senior Property Manager, Doyle and Spillane Real Estate- Dee Why, NSW


“We had one client who had only to look at the contents page, before wanting to sign up and get our Exclusive Property Owner’s Handbook” Garrick McCamey- Professionals South Perth WA


"The very first time we used the Property Owner's Handbook, we were up against cheaper competitors. We demonstrated it to the prospective landlord, they were impressed and we got the business- without having to discount!" Cath McLeod, Professionals McLeod Real Estate VIC


"Since using the Qld Property Owners Handbook, we have acquired more new managements than with our previous handbook. Our clients have told us that it is very informative and easy to understand. Thank you for such an important and useful marketing tool for our business". Brigette Neil - Pamela Neil Real Estate, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane


“The two handbooks have been a huge success for our company in winning new business over other companies! Both the Property Owner’s Handbook and the Tenant Handbook have been a great point of difference for us with Landlords and Tenants alike.


The biggest difference in the listing presentation is that Landlords clearly see the benefit of our Property Owner’s Handbook for them, but also they are clearly impressed when they see the Tenant Handbook, as it says how well we look after our tenants. Tenants are also impressed with the useful tips and information they get in the Tenant Handbook when they are inducted.” Norm Honey- Property Management Director, Independent Property Group, Canberra ACT. Australia’s most nationally awarded property management department (REIA).


Many departments using our Property Owner's Handbook tell of their ability to impress the client in the rental appraisal and quickly get the management agreement signed.


Versions now available for:

  • South Australia
  • Northern Territory
  • Western Australia
  • Queensland
  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • Tasmania
  • New Zealand


We email you the Property Owner's Handbook as an MS Word text document for you to easily amend and tailor, add your branding, logo and staff photos to really make it yours!


Download a Sample of the Property Owner's Handbook Now! (14 of 34 pages- SA Version used as the example/sample)


Click Here for the Tenant Handbook


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