Geared for Growth Unleashed - Download Pack

Geared for Growth Unleashed - Download Pack
$299.00 ( INCLUDES GST of 10% )

Geared for Growth Unleashed- Download Pack (Visual presentation)

Darren Hunter and Deniz Yusuf return after the HUGE success of Geared for Growth 2017 boasting 4 sold-out events over 6 cities, and this time they’re joined by Steven Rozenberg from Houston USA (with the fastest growing PM company in Texas) to deliver you a whole NEW PM GROWTH teachings.

These recordings are presented to you with ‘screen recordings’ where each trainer presents their material audibly on a recorded video visual presentation (Over 210 minutes of visual teaching content), and are ideal for team training sessions and personal implementation.

That’s right - your entire office can access this training when you purchase the Geared For Growth Unleashed downloadable product for just AU$299 

What's in this Download Pack?

  • 5 Training MP4 Teaching Videos plus a 3-Part ‘How To’ Facebook Remarking Videos- over 210 minutes in length.
  • Powerpoint PDF Session Notes so you can print them off and follow along with the visual presentations.

  • A detailed ‘Fee Justification Guide’ that explores how to you can easily justify 13 different PM owner fees, together with response scripts, strategy, technique and comprehensive teaching.
  • 15 different prospecting email templates.


Recorded Session One (60 minutes) - Deniz Yusuf

Five Effective Ways to DOMINATE GROWTH

As a BDM, Deniz personally signed up 900 properties in 4 years in Nowra NSW, and since that time he has coached his real estate agent clients to collectively sign up to 300 properties per month.

In this session he will reveal what he taught them, so you can get amazing growth results too!

In this first session, Deniz reveals the FIVE FAVOURITE rent roll growth strategies that gave him amazing growth results.


Here's what Deniz reveals in detail:

DOMINATE with your ‘Investor Support Services’ - When you’re perceived as the area expert then prospective clients will ignore your competitors just to do business with you. Deniz will teach you how to be an educational investor service to attract and impress potential business so that when they do buy an investment property (even from your competitors), the management will come back to you.

GROW using ‘Investor Education Evenings’ - Deniz made this strategy really work having generated new managements from every investor education evening he conducted. Deniz will give you all the steps, the tricks and tips you’ll need to not only run successful investor education evenings but to do it at LOW to NO COST to your agency.

How to CONVERT Private Owners to Full Management - Deniz loved the challenge of converting hard-core private owners to full management and mastered this method. In this strategy, Deniz will reveal the strategies and educational tools he developed to educate and impress private owners so that handing over full management to his agency was the obvious choice.

How to use FACEBOOK to DOMINATE and GROW - Facebook continues to evolve and gain momentum and Deniz is one of the very few that knows how to use Facebook effectively to grow a business. In this session, Deniz will reveal different educational videos and highly engaging post examples that’ll impress potential clients, win their trust and attract them to your agency. Considering that your competitors generally have NO IDEA how to use Facebook effectively, this session will give you the edge you need to GROW using Facebook.

How to GROW working your Neighbourhood, Community and Local Business Groups - A real BDM 101 session, Deniz knows how to pull a new management seemingly out of nowhere. In reality, Deniz knows how to effectively work for his local community and in this session, he unpacks his key tips, strategies and methods so you can also go out and start generating results in your local community too.

ADD VALUE BONUS - Deniz will also reveal to you the ingredients to create an effective ‘Pre-Listing Kit’ to supply to your prospective clients before you arrive at the Listing Presentation, so your competitors will look boring and your agency will be the obvious choice to do business with.

    Recorded Session Two (55 minutes) - Darren Hunter

    How to JUSTIFY and WIN your Fees - Scripts 101

    Last time on Geared for Growth 2017 we gave you ten powerful strategies, methods and scripts to overcome the most common fee discount requests you may face by new owners.

    This time we go through valuable fee justification scripts - fee by fee, one by one, so you can confidently justify your fees and charges when challenged by new and current owners.

    Darren is a national and international fee maximisation expert working across Australia, New Zealand and the United States and has successfully worked with hundreds of PM companies to be able to get higher and better fees, and these scripts are an essential part of his tool kit to get great results.


    In this expertise packed session Darren will teach you:

    • How you can get HIGHER management and leasing fees than your competitors by understanding some simple yet powerful principles that work when you implement them.
    • Know what agents are CHARGING for their fees (highs and lows) in your capital city (Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney), so you can compare to where you sit.
    • How you can be easily charging more for your ancillary fees than your competitors (non-management and non-leasing fees) and why it doesn’t impact the decision of the potential client, by understanding a simple yet profound principle.
    • How to justify your lease renewal fee better than the usual “this fee covers the time and calls we make between the tenant and owner”. Learn how to charge this fee if you’re not already doing so.
    • How to justify your monthly administration fee and annual statement fee with an easy to understand the response.
    • How to justify a quality internet marketing fee higher than that charged by competitors, and how to also charge for professional photos and even video marketing.
    • How to easily justify charging a routine inspection fee when all your competitors charge nothing, or much less than you.
    • How to charge an ingoing and outgoing inspection fee if you’re not already doing so, even if all your competitors charge nothing, or much less.
    • How you can start charging a repairs and maintenance fee, and how to easily justify this when all other agents in your area do not charge it.
    • Learn how you can charge a percentage of all monies you collect on an owner’s behalf (like tenant water reimbursement), not just on rent monies.
    • How to charge other fees that ‘de-incentivise’ bad owner behaviour like the ‘outside of normal duties fee, the ‘renovation fee’ or an ‘insurance claim fee’, and receive scripts to justify them.


    Recorded Session Three (41 minutes) - Steve Rozenberg

    Your PM Growth Marketing Machine That’ll Make the Phone Ring

    Steve Rozenberg heads up THE fastest growing rent roll in Texas USA having grown from 360 properties to 800 properties in the last 12 months alone and growing from 1 to 11 office locations over Houston and Dallas.

    In this session, Steve will reveal all of the dramatic marketing changes and strategies they’ve implemented that catapulted them from an average growth rate to EXTREME HIGH growth in such a short period of time.

    It didn’t happen by accident. It happened using these SEVEN key marketing strategies.

    Steve will teach you what you need to do ALL on a LOW to NO BUDGET to really pump up your PM business and get your marketing machine firing on all cylinders.


    Steve will deliver in this fast-paced session:

    CREATE an IMPRESSIVE Online Reputation and GROW with Google and Facebook Reviews - Steve’s business has over 350 Google reviews and over 45 Facebook reviews both at a 4.8-star rating out of 5 (that’s pretty impressive). Steve will teach you the eight different ‘happy’ points that’ll get the best review from tenants and owners and what words to use when asking for a favourable review.

    How to DOMINATE on Google Search - Steve will show you the five things you can be doing right now that’ll get you ranked HIGH using educational content like video blogs, tagging, keywords and also teach you to answer the questions that your potential clients are searching for right now on Google.

    CONVERT your Website into a GROWTH LEAD MACHINE - Your website is a crucial tool to collect leads. Its SOLE PURPOSE for existence should be to generate new business leads. Steve will show you what you need to do to your website to convert it into a LEAD MACHINE and have landing pages that will deliver new business enquiries.

    GROW a BUSINESS PUMPING, High Quality Email Database -Enjoy a high lead conversion rate by knowing what to send to your new business leads straight away using 15 different high converting and informative email templates in an automated drip campaign (Steve also will give you the EXACT email templates he uses - worth US$250). Steve will also teach you exactly how he built a 30,000 strong email database of prospective clients, so you can build a HUGE database that will return to you new enquiry and GROWTH over and over again.

    BUILD your business with CURRENT OWNERS - (HARDLY an agency works this strategy) - Who says your owners should stop at 1- 2 properties? They should be buying more properties from you and Steve will show you HOW. LEARN how to effectively market your current sales listings to your established owners using your own ‘Owner Education’ program.

    INFLUENCE and GROW using Strategic Business Alliances -Sure you know that Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners, Accountants and the like are all dealing with the same clients you want to connect with. In this session, Steve will teach you how to set up key alliances with these businesses in your area so they want to refer you new business leads over and over again.

    IMPRESS and GROW using Educational Videos - There’s an educational video for every issue your business and owners face, and in an age when people ONLY take notice of key solutions to their problems, Steve will teach you how you can easily and cheaply create impressive educational videos and promote them to win the hearts and minds of your potential clients. Those who provide relevant practical solutions are the ones who get noticed, gain the client’s trust and win the business!

    Session Four (3 shorter teaching sessions) - The PM Growth Trifecta

    Darren, Deniz and Steve ‘tag-team’ together in this final part to deliver their best ‘trifecta’ teaching session.

    They promise they’ll shake it down, pack it tight and then fill it with even more great growth teaching so you are totally overflowing with new business growth strategies, ideas, tools and value to take away and implement when you get started growing your business.

    The PM Growth Trifecta Part One (16 minutes) - Steve Rozenberg

    TOP TEN BDM Strategies, Methods and Tactics to Sign-up 20 to 30 properties a month.

    Steve’s business went from one BDM in 2017 signing up 20 to 30 properties a month to a HUGE 90 to 100 properties a month with several BDM’s! Steve’s main role is now to train them up and keep them accountable!

    In this session, Steve will give you the TOP TEN BEST strategies, methods and tactics that a BDM must apply to achieve a whopping 20-30 new properties each and every month, so you can too!

    The PM Growth Trifecta Part Two (3 ‘How-To’ Videos approx 14 minutes in length) - Darren Hunter

    How to deliver a Facebook Advert to a Website Visitor in their Facebook Newsfeed.

    Darren Hunter knows how to use Facebook to DOMINATE. Darren’s Facebook page has over 19,000 likes and is the largest PM Facebook page over Australia and New Zealand (3rd largest globally).

    You’ve probably wondered ‘How did they do that?’ and in this session, Darren will teach you how to set up a Facebook advert that’ll drop straight into the Facebook news feed right after anyone visits your website.

    The PM Growth Trifecta Part Three (25 minutes)- Deniz Yusuf

    Property Marketing - Going the NEXT LEVEL!

    There’s no doubt that prospective owners are HIGHLY impressed with effective rental property marketing, especially when all they want is the best tenant, the best rent and all in the quickest possible time.

    In this session, Deniz will reveal some of the very best property marketing videos and marketing examples he’s seen from around the country, so you KNOW what will impress prospective clients to win their trust and business.


    Who will benefit from this training?

    Anyone responsible for property management business growth- Leaders, BDM’s, Managers and Property Managers.


    Running Time- Approx 210 minutes (Presented in MP4 visual recordings).


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