Geared For Growth 2017- Download Pack

Geared For Growth 2017- Download Pack
$299.00 ( INCLUDES GST of 10% )

Geared For Growth - 2017 - Recorded Live - Audio & Visual Pack.

Darren Hunter and Deniz Yusuf have teamed up together to deliver THE ‘Rent Roll Growth’ Event of 2017.

After a sell-out National tour, we have finally released it as a downloadable product, complete with live audio from the event, pdf and video (visual) of the online event for each session, video files, how to Facebook training video and more.

That’s right - your entire office can access this training when you purchase the Geared For Growth 2017- downloadable product for just $299

What do you get in this Download Pack?

  • 4 Audio sessions (edited MP3 tracks) from each session recorded over the Adelaide and Perth Live Events- covering the full one-day event. Great for listening in the car between appointments.
  • 4 Web Events- recorded from our live 4 'web-event' sessions (Mp4 files) , you'll get video files that you can watch with the whole team. Ideal for team training.
  • 4 Powerpoint PDF session notes- print off the notes to follow along.
  • 'How to' Facebook Ads Manager videos (as taught in Session 2).
  • Video Files- Deniz loves to show videos! Watch them as part of the Web events or individually access them in this easy file as well.

Session One - Deniz Yusuf.

The 10 BIG WAYS to grow a HUGE rent roll in 2017.

In his 4 years as a BDM, Deniz Yusuf signed-up over 900 properties and achieved 34 average listings per month (in his final 18 months on the job).

Now together with his coaching over Australia, New Zealand and the USA, Deniz now assists his clients collectively to generate over 10,000 leads and more than 300 managements on average per month.

Deniz launches  with this first action-packed session:

  • Be exposed to the 10 rent roll growth strategies and secrets Deniz and his clients have leveraged to achieve some of the best rent roll growth results and success in the country. If you just do what successful agencies do, you will enjoy the same results they get.
  • Receive another 6 effective strategies by email after the event, that we will just not get any time to cover during this session.
  • View the exact KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that are bench-marked and used to achieve these results.
  • Learn unique strategies that are educating owners prior to the listing presentation, closing fast the time between the first contact and the ‘where do I sign?’.
  • How to impress your prospects with the ‘wow-factor’ before they’ve even met you so you become the obvious agency of choice - right from the start!
  • How to influence your clients on what’s the best rental property for them to purchase so you can have more control on the management type you sign-up later.
  • Get more acceleration with your social media marketing to prove you’re the market leader and impress your prospects.
  • Know how to keep your clients for life with some exclusive tips and generate more business all at the same time.
  • Learn how to take your networking to another level and influence local businesses to help you to drive your brand and growth even further.

Session Two - Darren Hunter

GET noticed BIG TIME using Facebook to become the agent of choice in your marketplace.

How to use Facebook effectively to grow thousands of qualified ‘likes’ and reach your audience. Know how to be the perceived market leader even if you’re the smallest agency in town and generate a regular flow of warm, qualified leads.

In 4 years Darren has amassed the biggest and most ‘liked’ PM Facebook page in Australia and New Zealand with over 15,000 likes. It didn’t happen by accident. It was a result of careful strategy, posting the right content, testing, measuring and research and having a budget for ‘like’ ads and boosts.

In this session Darren will reveal how you can become the recognised and perceived leader in your marketplace using Facebook with your business page. 

Using Facebook seriously is no longer optional and when your competitors haven’t got a clue on how to use it properly, this session will give you the edge to surge right ahead of the game. You’ll learn:

  • Ten highly engaging post strategies that will make your prospective clients want to use your services.
  • See different kinds of videos that’ll grab the attention of your prospects, and make them perceive you as the market leader.
  • How to write an effective Facebook ad that will generate hundreds and possibly thousands of quality, qualified likes.
  • Learn how to load your email prospect list directly into Facebook and send ads directly into their news feed.
  • Receive an email after the event with instructional videos that have been created exclusively for this session.
  • Why you must educate, inspire and motivate your audience with engaging posts to succeed at Facebook. Anything else is just wasted time, energy and noise.

Session Three - Deniz Yusuf

Rental Property Marketing 101

The evolution of marketing a vacant property has come so far in such a short period of time. In this session, Deniz will show you how you can get more for marketing fees and win more business through your property marketing using the latest technology.

After this session you’ll be able to go back to your office and implement these strategies right away:

  • Deniz will show you how to educate owners on how you can have less people attend a viewing but have more quality tenants apply.
  • Know how to easily lower your ‘days on market’ and get better ‘brag’ results than your competitors.
  • Go to the next level with your marketing and professional perception using the tools you would likely already have at the office.
  • Compare how fast technology has come in just a few years with rental property marketing so you can see why you must apply these strategies right away to stay ahead of your competitors.
  • See the latest cutting-edge ‘how-to’ tools for rental property marketing so you can go back to your office and start getting results right away.
  • See exclusive secrets Deniz used in his own marketing as a BDM that assist his clients to win new business RIGHT NOW.
  • Know exactly how to win business and get more likes on social media using rental property marketing instead of boring your prospect’s newsfeeds.

Session Four- Darren Hunter

The TEN Highly Effective  Strategies, Scripts and Methods to overcome Discount Requests and the Biggest Fee Objections.

These strategies, scripts and methods for overcoming fee objections will give you a MASSIVE confidence boost to win the business AND keep your fees. It will keep cheaper competitors poor and ramp up your rent roll growth in 2017.

You will always get discount requests and objections with your fees. It’s the way you respond that determines your success!

In this fast-paced session we deal with every major fee objection you’ll likely ever encounter so you can respond with confidence instead of fear,  and enthusiasm instead of complying with discounting.

  • Use the #1- The Alternative Cost strategy to confidently deal with ‘if you can match your fee with the other agent down the road’ and know how to apply this method to justifying nearly ALL your fees.
  • Understand the #2- The Hourly Rate strategy to easily justify your inspection fees and other time based fees when you hear ‘But why do I have to pay for X’.
  • When you get hit up with ‘the other agent will give a discount so why can’t you?’ you can respond in confidence using the #3-The Best Negotiator script and strategy.
  • Quickly dispel the myth you’re ‘too expensive’ with your management fee by bringing out the ‘#4- The Cup of Coffee’ strategy.
  • Look forward to getting the ‘but the other agent will do it much cheaper’ objection so you can respond with the effective #5- Matching Services script and strategy.
  • Conquer the ‘but the other agent is only charging X%’ with the powerful ‘all-rounder’ strategy and script #6- Competing on Service.
  • Launch the #9- The Greatest Asset strategy when you’re asked ‘Why can’t you do it any cheaper?’ common objection.
  • Know if you’re dealing with a ’c-class, money tight’ owner upfront and test them with the #10- The Cheapest Agent in Town script, so you can identify and possibly avoid them right from the start.

What our attendees had to say after our Live March 2017 tour:

“Great presentations! Just learnt so much – overall EXCELLENT!” Anna Farr – Business Development Manager, Cairns Property Office 10/10

“Everything! We took away pages and pages of tips, notes, ideas, and different points of view. It’s great to also hear from males in the industry.” Celeste Adkins – Portfolio Manager, Property Wise Launceston 10/10

“Really practical tools that can be taken back to the office and applied immediately.” Ellen Bathgate – Coach and Consultant, Rent Roll Starter 10/10

“Best value for money I have ever received. It has always been difficult to get good BD training… until now!!! Great training guys.” Katherine Duncan – Business Development Manager, Ray White Alderley 10/10

“The overall detail of the topics spoken about was extensive and informative. I enjoyed listening to real life experiences from both Darren and Deniz that have both worked in PM.” Rebecca Storey – Director, Care Property Management 10/10

“So many great ideas and tools for us to use to take our PM department to the next level of growth.” Kirsty Patterson – Department Manager, Clark Next RE 10/10

“Great information and engaging presentations.” Simone Curley – Director, Love Real Estate 10/10

“Motivational speakers.” Lisa Wegener – Director, Lisa Wegener Property 10/10

“Both presenters really know their stuff! Clear presentations and speaking. Enjoyed the enthusiasm and passion.” Megan Stuart – Melbourne Asset Management 9/10

“Great knowledge and topics covered. I LOVED how personable both Darren and Deniz were. Thank you for all your information and the meet and greet opportunity.” Sally Shaw – Director, Property Wise Launceston 10/10

“The presentations were excellent, informative, fun and interactive. Good practical examples to take back to the office to implement.” Hanna Day – Principal, Capri Realty 10/10

“Both speakers were very engaging and relatable to property management. Great knowledge and tips.” Cassandra Protheroe – Team Leader, Havig and Jackson 9/10


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