The Complete Collection

The Complete Collection
$997.00 ( INCLUDES GST of 10% )

  • Win the Business Everytime- Effective listing presentation technique so you can win the business AND your fees- $99
  • 35 Ways to Stand Out and Win- a comprehensive library of over 35 points of difference, so you can choose 2-3 to stand out, win the business AND your fees!- $199
  • Justify Your Fees- Effective fee scripts for every type of fee you'll likley be challenged on by new and current owners- $199
  • Ten Things Investor Clients Want Property Managers to Know- when you know what your clients really care about, will you gain maximium customer satisfaction and be referred to their friends as well!- $99
  • Overcome Discounting- Beat every major fee discount request an owner is likely to throw at you! $99
  • Eight Effective Ways to Get Better Fees- How to get higher and better fees with new business despite cheaper competitors down the road. $99
  • Recruit the Best PM in Town- Strategies that work to know how to effectively question a property manager with an interview system that works, so you know a good PM from a bad one and reduce the chance significantly of employing the wrong person. $149
  • Control Conflict Now! Key strategies on how to not only deal with PM conflict when it occurs, but how to avoid the issues that cause it in the first place! $99
  • Zero Tolerance Rent Control- How to get 'serial late rent offenders' to pay their rent with 11 effective strategies, tools, texts and our letters library that just works! $99
  • Top Time and Stress Management Keys- the very best PM time management strategies for you to stay in control and thrive! Recorded live in Texas USA. $99
  • Effective Communication- teaching PM's how to effectively communicate with your owners and tenants, and some conflict management thrown in too! $99
  • The Greatest PM in Town- 21 of our very best PM success keys so you can ZOOM to the top in the PM industry! $99
  • Overcome Common Mistakes- these mistakes happen all the time. Know them so you can avoid them and succeed! $99
  • Survive, Thrive and Avoid the Mental Asylum- specialist teaching for Property Managers to be at their very best mental health on the job to avoid burnout, and thrive! $99

Total value- $1636
Sell price- $997
Save- $639

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