The PM Growth & Profit Audio MP3 Pack

The PM Growth & Profit Audio MP3 Pack
$599.00 ( INCLUDES GST of 10% )

  • Confidently charge better fees with new business despite cheaper competitors.
  • How to use effective points of difference to impress the prospective client.
  • Overcome the most difficult and common fee discount requests.
  • How to justify your fees one by one.
  • Know what Property Investors really want from a Property Manager.
  • How to win the business in the listing presentation.

Save $195 when you purchase six of our very best business development audio MP3 download packs (worth $794 full value).

Move to a new level of confidence to win the business AND your fees, and be the most profitable agency in town, not the cheapest.

By investing in our PM Growth & Profit Audio MP3 Pack you’ll learn:

  • How to beat the ‘fee question’. Interview with one of Australia’s best business development managers, Deniz Yusuf (, who signed up 900 properties over 4 years.
  • The 9-steps to an effective listing presentation so you sign the business with confidence and keep your competitors poor.
  • How to ask open questions, qualify the prospective client and ask for the business.
  • 35 ways to impress the prospective client from some of the best agencies in Australia, without having to use discounting to get the management.
  • Know the biggest mistakes agencies make when charging fees so that you can avoid making them yourself.
  • Answer objections to individual fees with confidence. Like the lease renewal fee, internet marketing fee, monthly admin fee and many more.
  • Learn the ten things that property investors only wished their property manager cared about. Nail these and watch their friends get referred to you.
  • Overcome the most common fee discount requests like ‘Can you match the fee with the other agency down the road?’; ‘The other agent will do it cheaper.’ and ‘But the other agency will do $X’. Overcome these and more with ten scripts, strategies and methods that work.
  • Become the agent of choice with 8 effective strategies to win higher and better fees. Your prospective clients will drive past your competitors and do business only with you and happily pay quality rates for your service.

There are 11 hours packed into of our very best live seminar teaching:

  • 35 Ways to Stand Out and Win - a comprehensive library of over 35 points of difference, so you can choose 2-3 to stand out, win the business AND your fees.
  • Justify Your Fees - Effective fee scripts for every type of fee you'll likely be challenged on by new and current owners.

Running Time – 11 hours (approx)

MP3 Audio Tracks and Documents with downloadable link.

Available for Immediate Download.

Suitable for Business owners, BDMs and property management staff involved with the growth of the business.


Value full retail value of pack AU$794 (MP3 download files only), you get a AU$195 saving.


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