The PM Nuts & Bolts Value Pack- MP3 Download Pack

The PM Nuts & Bolts Value Pack- MP3 Download Pack
$449.00 ( INCLUDES GST of 10% )

  • Take control of your time and efficiency like never before.
  • Deal with conflict like a pro and take control.
  • Master communication and delight your owners and tenants.
  • Avoid common mistakes other property managers make all the time.
  • Have the lowest late rent list in town and deal with serial late rent offenders effectively.
  • Know the secrets of the top performers in PM and how they do it.


Save $145 (full value $594) when you purchase this value bundle.


Get equipped with our very best nuts and bolts property management audio teaching with some of the best expertise available in the country so you and your team members can rapidly grow in confidence, enthusiasm, knowledge and efficiency.


Conflict and time management, effective communication, some of the best rent control strategies available that really work, overcoming key mistakes that property managers make all the time - the very skills we mentor top performers with, this value pack will return to you and your team over and over again with unprecedented value.


Suited to the in-experienced right through to those with many years on the job, Darren’s teaching appeals to everyone who works inside or leads a residential rent roll.


All of the recordings are from our live training seminars conducted across Australia and the United States - delivered to real estate business owners, senior property managers, property managers and their assistants.


Listen to this teaching in the car between appointments, while working out or when you’re out and about on your smart phone/MP3 player.


Here are some of the many things that you will learn and grow from in this PM Nuts & Bolts Value Pack:

  • Learn the 3 best ever time management skills that will increase your productivity and task output by 2-3 times and how daily planning will save you ten minutes for every single minute that you plan your day ahead.
  • How to effectively control those annoying interruptions and front reception ‘blow-ins’, so you can control your time more effectively.
  • How to get what you need done out of the office more efficiently than ever, and why you must keep your desk organised and in control.
  • Learn task batching and why you must loathe double handling if you want to be more efficient.
  • 13 real reasons landlord clients leave the rent roll, so you reduce or eliminate unnecessary business loss.
  • Understanding different types of complaints and what causes them, so you can ensure it doesn't happen in your business.
  • 12 proven ways to correctly handle complaints including social media complaints, so you can stay on top and in control.
  • How to deal effectively with difficult and ‘c-class’ landlords and not let them burn you and your team out, so you can rest easy.
  • 5 easy ways to diffuse 'angry calls' quickly, to take control.
  • The 12 different landlord types and how to manage right communication for each, so you don't end up with the headaches of bad business.
  • How to deal with wrong and in-different expectations that create conflict, to get greater peace of mind.
  • How to create an effective complaints register to ensure the same issue never occurs again.
  • How to use the Property Owner's and Tenant Handbooks effectively to educate and induct on right expectations upfront, and reduce conflict occurring.
  • 10 crucial induction points for your tradespeople, so you have a smooth and solid working relationship.
  • Understand 10 compelling reasons why you must care about your owners by understanding what is most important to them, and watch them refer their friends to you!
  • Learn the 10 biggest communication complaints by owners and what you can do about it, so you can delight them with your contact.
  • Understand what causes 95% of conflict and how you can effectively minimise and avoid it altogether, so you can enjoy your role a whole lot more.
  • Be exposed to 15 different ways to use SMS on the job, so you can easily communicate a whole lot better.
  • Know the rules for using email, SMS texts and phone calls and when they should and should not be used, so you connect right the first time.
  • How to use email auto-responders and message banks more effectively to control expectations of owners and tenants, so you get greater control and peace of mind.
  • Eight essential criteria when taking on new properties, so you don't end up with bad business, stress and burnout.,
  • 10 keys for effective tenant selection, routine inspections and effective rent control to become a more effective property manager.
  • 11 detailed and proven strategies that will decimate your rent arrears list, shake up your serial late-rent paying tenants and get control over your rent arrears forever.
  • Be equipped with 12 effective late rent SMS texts, 9 shock-tactic phone scripts and take control with 10 high impact letters all designed for the hardest of your serial late rent serial offenders.
  • The power of attitude and the importance of setting goals for success.
  • Why making mistakes is essential for success and reaching your goals so you can go to the next level of performance.
  • Learn the 21 attributes that (when applied) will propel you into the top 5% of performers in the country - the very teaching that Darren mentors and imparts to the very best in the industry.


    Running Time 8 hours 20 minutes (approx)


    MP3 Audio Tracks and Documents with downloadable link.


    Available for Immediate Download.


    Who is it suitable for - all property management staff.


    What packs are provided?

    1. Top Time and Stress Management Keys - MP3 files/Documents.  Click here for a full product description, or purchase separately.

    2. Zero Tolerance Rent Control - MP3 files/Documents. Click here for a full product description, or purchase separately.

    3. Overcoming Common Mistakes Property Managers Make - MP3 files.  Click here for a full product description, or purchase separately.

    4. The Greatest Property Manager in Town - MP3 files.  Click here for a full product description, or purchase separately.

    5. Effective Communication - MP3 files.  Click here for a full product description, or purchase separately.

    6. Control Conflict Now - MP3 files.  Click here for a full product description, or purchase separately.


    Value- full retail value of pack AU$594 (MP3 download files only), you get a AU$145 saving.


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