8 Effective Ways to Get Better Fees

8 Effective Ways to Get Better Fees
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  • Confidently win higher and better fees despite cheaper agents down the road.
  • How to become the agent of choice in your marketplace and have prospective clients drive past your competitors office just to find you!
  • How to overcome the toughest fee objections with effective scripts that work.

Winning quality residential property management fees that match your service levels these days seems to get harder and harder with the pressure of cheap agents constantly discounting their fees and owners that seem to be more and more fee conscious. It can be quite disheartening!

Even in these circumstances you CAN shine, impress owners and win quality fees over cheaper agents and in this fast paced expertise-driven seminar we will show you how, using eight proven and effective strategies.

In this expertise packed MP3 download session recorded live over 2 events in Brisbane and Sydney you’ll learn:

  • Ten effective and different techniques to overcome the toughest of fee objections, including ‘the law of alternate cost’, ‘the hourly rate’ and ‘your most expensive asset’ techniques plus many more.
  • Understanding that your fees are only a reflection of your mindset and what you believe you’re worth, and how to increase this using an easy two-step formula!
  • Ten essential keys to build trust and rapport quickly, so that the client only wants to do business with you!
  • Be exposed to some of the best promotional pre-listing material with awesome booklets, property owners and tenant handbooks and tools that make you look like the best in town, and how to use them as an effective weapon and point of difference to win.
  • Different examples you can add into your Listing Kit that display your services and practices, wins trust and gives you the edge that you’re better than your competitors that display nothing!
  • How to use and leverage easily gathered office statistics and develop them into scripts to give the perception that you’re clearly the better choice over your competition.
  • Proven effective strategies that will have you perceived as the marketplace expert using modern content marketing practices with Facebook, e-newsletters, video and with cheap or free technology available right now! Because everyone wants to do business with who they perceive does it the best.

Who will benefit? Business Development Managers, Principals, Department Managers. Senior Property Managers and Property Managers.

What others have said about Darren’s training:

"Very relevant material" Alex Meneghello, Property Consultant- Pure Leasing Central. Rated 9- 10/10.

"Fantastic, Informative!" Tracy Tomkinson, Property Manager- Sanctuary Real Estate. Rated 10/10.

"Clear, easy to follow" Daniel Carruthers, Property Manager- Logiudile Property Group. Rated 10/10

"To the point! Easy to transfer to everyday use in office" Georgina Johnston, Senior Property Manager- One Residential. Rated 10/10

"Thorough Presentation" Robert Harris, Senior Property Manager- Pure Leasing. Rated 10/10

"Very educational, great learning tips" Laura Wardan, Property Manager- Raine and Horne Gladstone Park. Rated 10/10

"Clear and well spoken" Sergio Angilletta, BDM- Hudson Bond Real Estate. Rated 10/10

"Great Seminar! Everything discussed was what we were after!" Leisha Devlin, Property Manager-Finning First National. Rated 10/10

"New way of thinking about bringing in new business" Sarah Evans, Property Manager- Finning First National. Rated 10/10

"Overall presentation was easy to understand and to apply in everyday property management." Stacey Kelegouris, Property Manager- Barry Plant Preston. Rated 10/10

"Clear, concise discussion- great examples!" Philippa Cheyne, Department Head, Metropole. Rated 9/10


Running time - 91 mins (approx)


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