How to Justify Your Fees - MP3

How to Justify Your Fees - MP3
$199.00 ( INCLUDES GST of 10% )

  • Learn key scripts for just about every major fee type that can be charged to Owners.
  • Discover the ‘Law of Alternate Cost’, the 'Law of the Main Game' and other very useful laws that'll pump profit straight to your bottom line.
  • Learn the 27 different fee types charged in Australia.


When you’re armed with key scripts on how to justify your fees, you move to a new level of confidence and enthusiasm in the listing appointment. It’s that factor that wins new business.


These scripts are not just useful to gain better fees with new business, but are also highly effective when justifying fee increases to current and established business.


Learn eleven different profit laws that when harnessed will equip you to get better fees, the 27 fee types that we have seen charged across Australia and the ten common mistakes when charging fees that agencies make everywhere.


On this live-seminar recording MP3 download you’ll learn:

  • How to get a better leasing fee and how to boost your internet marketing fee.
  • Be equipped with key fee scripts to justify your lease renewal fee, inspection fees, the monthly admin fee and other fees, even when all your competitors charge much less or even nothing.
  • Know the ten most common fee charging mistakes, including one that 90% of offices do ALL the time.
  • Understand the main reasons fees get discounted and why some property managers and BDM’s have a discount mindset and adjust fees down.
  • The easy two-step formula to getting better fees by using a mixture of mindset and justification.
  • Know the 11 Profit Laws on Fees, and one easy to understand law that when applied will assist you to increase just about every fee you have.
  • 27 different fee types charged in Australia including 5 different types of management fee that will help you to instantly earn more revenue.


Running time -     160 mins (approx) 


Mp3 Audio Tracks with download link.


Available for Immediate Download.


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