10 Powerful Profit Strategies - MP3

10 Powerful Profit Strategies - MP3
$199.00 ( INCLUDES GST of 10% )

  • Want to move your older clients to your current fee structure?
  • Do you need to earn more money from your current business?
  • Want to improve, increase or even add some new fees?


Skyrocket your income without rent roll growth.

Everyone thinks the only way to increase department revenue is to grow the rent roll. This means more landlords, more tenants, more repair requests, possibly more rent arrears and even possible evictions. It just means more work.


Bring on enough and you are further rewarded with having to pay another salary, car allowance etc.


So when the value of your business is based on income generated and not how many properties you have, it makes great sense that your focus is on income and profit strategies and not just growing your rent roll.


The sad fact is that most department leaders don't even know how much income they receive on average per property per year.


Ten Powerful Profit Strategies will teach you to focus on your income so that you can maximise your revenue with the clients you have right now and become more profitable than you ever thought possible.


This MP3 Audio product is unique.


You won’t find these profitability strategies available on any other audio product on the market, so use the time you have in your car between appointments effectively and do something serious about maximising your department income RIGHT NOW.

  • Know the secrets to increasing your profit margin by up to 100%, without any extra rent roll growth.
  • Understand how to run effective fee maximisation campaigns that really work.
  • How to identify and review unprofitable landlords and properties.
  • Accelerate your efficiency and management power with your time systemisation.
  • How to ensure every new property is profitable with bench marking.
  • Ensure your new client fees are maximised with 'wow-factor' points of difference.
  • Impress your clients with 'value-added' strategies.
  • Learn to recognise when long distance properties become unprofitable.


Why delay in becoming more profitable?


Act NOW, get started, and listen to this audio in your car or download to your device.


Running Time - 105 mins (approx)


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