DOMINATE Social - Download Pack (Live Video Recordings)

DOMINATE Social - Download Pack (Live Video Recordings)
$399.00 ( INCLUDES GST of 10% )

DOMINATE Social - Download Pack (Live Video Recordings)

Go from frustration and confusion and KNOW HOW to make SOCIAL MEDIA work for your agency:

  • Become the property management expert and ‘go-to’ authority for your area and DOMINATE.
  • Know how to effectively stand out, grab your prospective client’s attention, engage with them, start the conversation and capture their business using social media.
  • Enjoy a new and steady stream of warm, consistent leads that will grow your portfolio faster than before.

That’s right - your entire office can access this training when you purchase the DOMINATE Social downloadable product.

Who is this suited for?

  • Real Estate Business Owners
  • General/Office Managers
  • Senior PMs
  • BDMs

...and also anyone who's involved with marketing at a real estate office.

Most of this teaching can be also applied to real estate sales, though it will be biased towards Property Management.

Topics that will be covered: 

  • Facebook and Google Reviews– know the new social currency that delivers new business and renders competition obsolete.
  • The Messenger Bot– how to automate your communication 24/7
  • HIGH Engagement Facebook Posts – learn to stand out, influence and DOMINATE using Facebook.
  • Meme Creation – understand how to inspire, educate and motivate your audience.
  • Creating Facebook Audiences and Ads – how to reach your prospects effectively with paid advertising.
  • Editing and Enhancing Photos and Video – learn to edit and create media like a pro!
  • Loading Video and Using Facebook Live – know why video is where it’s at right now!
  • Using Instagram and Facebook Stories – know how to move and influence your audience.
  • Using Google, Youtube and LinkedIn – learn to expand your influence and digital footprint.
  • Effective Social Media Strategy – how to become ‘top of mind’ and stay there!
  • Future Social Media Trends – know what’s coming next!

What's in this Download Pack?

Dominate Social 2019 Sessions

    • Session #1- How to Generate Loads of Reviews on Facebook and Google to attract new business - Deniz Yusuf and Michael Sanz  (57 mins)
    • Session #2- How to use the ‘Messenger Bot’ to connect with prospects, nurture conversation and generate leads - Michael Sanz - 37 mins)
    • Session #3- High IMPACT Facebook Post Strategies - Darren Hunter and Deniz Yusuf  (57 mins)
    • Session #4- How to create memes that educate, inspire and motivate your audience to action - Darren Hunter - (42 mins)
    • Session #5 – How to reach your prospects using Facebook Audiences - Darren Hunter (47 mins)
    • Session #6- How to deliver a Facebook Ad to anyone that visits your website - Darren Hunter (29 mins)
    • Session #8- How to Edit Photos and Videos like a Pro! - Michael Sanz (52 mins)
    • Session #9- Loading Videos and using Facebook Live - Deniz Yusuf (55 mins)
    • Session #10- How to Build a Powerful Instagram Brand - Michael and Catherine Sanz (1 hour 7 mins)
    • Session #11- Video- Using Google and Youtube  - Michael Sanz and Deniz Yusuf (30 mins)
    • Session #12- Using LinkedIn to build your influence - Deniz Yusuf, Michael Sanz and Darren Hunter (47 mins)
    • Session #13- Staying ‘Top of Mind’ Using Social Media - Michael Sanz (47 mins)

    Powerpoint PDF Session Notes 

    So you can print them off and follow along with the visual presentations.

    Facebook Videos

    • Facebook Ads Manager Overview (4 mins)
    • Facebook Remarketing (17 mins)
    • Loading an Email Database (6 mins)
    • Setting up a Lookalike Audience (5 mins)
    • Setting up a Video Views Audience (3 mins)
    • Setting up a Website Traffic Audience (3 mins)
    • Setting up an Engagement Audience (2 mins)
    • Setting up Audiences Overview (4 mins)
    • Setting up your Facebook Pixel (3 mins)
    • Setting up a Saved Audience (4 mins)


    Running Time- Approx 10 hours (Presented in MP4 visual recordings).


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    Please note that included in the pack is the PDF containing the ACCESS LINK to the Dominate Social Live Session Recordings. The total file size for the videos is 21GB with approximately 10 hrs of teachings. Make sure to open the DOMINATE SOCIAL VIDEO SESSION RECORDINGS DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTION PDF to access the files. Email if you encounter problems in accessing the files. 


    Important information regarding downloading MP3/MP4 Files- please note that although MP3/MP4 files are becoming more popular these days, not everyone knows how to load these types of files to their MP3/MP4 player, computer or smartphone.

    If you wish to download this product we ask that you are already familiar with the download/load and use of this file format, or have someone to assist you to do so, as we regret we are unable to offer technical support services to assist you.