Tenant Handbook - Australian Version

Tenant Handbook - Australian Version
$220.00 ( INCLUDES GST of 10% )

  • Struggling against cheaper competitors?
  • Needing an effective point of difference to impress?
  • Want another good reason for a prospective client to use you?
  • Want educate and induct new tenants more effectively?


Impress prospective clients and new tenants with your comprehensive tenant handbook.

  • Don't spend days and days writing your own- the hard work is all done for you.
  • Simple tailor your version from our supplied MS Word document already prepared for you.
  • Tenants will also be impressed with your professionalism by supplying them with such a comprehensive manual.
  • Email the tenant handbook to newly accepted tenants as an attachment, as soon as their tenancy is confirmed.
  • You will be hard pressed to find a more detailed tenant handbook anywhere.
  • Impress prospective landlords on the depth you go to educate their new tenant on right expectations.


Download a part-sample of the Australian Tenant Handbook Now.


For a complete list of all contents- download the free part-sample (20 page sample from the complete 38 page tenant handbook).


This tenant handbook represents years of our in-depth experience in dealing with tenants, and it is designed in such a way as to educate tenants on right expectations and avoid many common disputes that property managers struggle with on a regular basis.


Tenants have no more excuses as just about every problem is explained, in detail together with a range of 'real life' property management photos, cementing right expectations upfront.


Comprehensive contents include:

  • Detailed instructions regarding the tenancy induction appointment
  • Specific strict emergency repair criteria
  • Comprehensive zero tolerance rent control policy
  • 44 key expectations regarding maintaining the condition of the property
  • 9 power saving tips, and also detailed safety tips
  • 3 page/42 point vacating checklist
  • Use of a number of key 'live photos' illustrating concerns


Download a part-sample of the Tenant Handbook Now.


For a complete list of all contents- download the free part-sample (20 page sample from the complete 38 page tenant handbook).


Here is what other agents had to say:


"The Property Owner’s Handbook and Tenant Handbook has been invaluable not only as an educational tool, but also to win over new business.


A number of times we have been able to refer current clients and tenants back to the handbooks in key operational areas, resolving disputes and potential conflict quickly.


Further, when presenting to prospective clients not only are they impressed with the Property Owner’s Handbook, but also the Tenant Handbook because they know that if they sign up with us, they can see the level and depth of education their tenant will receive should they place their business with us.


It makes it real easy to get the business as ‘the obvious choice’ over other competitors who only use discounting as a point of difference.” - Joe Iemma - Director and Senior Property Manager, Doyle and Spillane Real Estate- Dee Why, NSW


“Our prospective landlords were all very impressed with our tenant handbook, as it was informative and covered every aspect of renting to a tenant, but it also helped them to understand their obligations as landlords a lot better.” - Josie Meadowcroft - Department Manager- Henzell’s Agency- Caloundra QLD


“The two handbooks have been a huge success for our company in winning new business over other companies. Both the Property Owner’s Handbook and the Tenant Handbook have been a great point of difference for us with Landlords and Tenants alike.


The biggest difference in the listing presentation is that Landlords clearly see the benefit of our Property Owner’s Handbook for them, but also they are clearly impressed when they see the Tenant Handbook, as it says how well we look after our tenants. Tenants are also impressed with the useful tips and information they get in the Tenant Handbook when they are inducted.” Norm Honey - Property Management Director, Independent Property Group, Canberra ACT. Australia’s most nationally awarded property management department (REIA).


Click here for the Property Owner's Handbook


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