Overcoming Common Mistakes - How to Use Them for Success - CD

Overcoming Common Mistakes - How to Use Them for Success - CD
$109.00 ( INCLUDES GST of 10% )

  • Is your rental arrears list getting out of control?
  • Problems happening with inspections?
  • Taking on too many questionable properties causing burnout and stress?


The most common mistakes we see are exposed on this Audio CD, so you can avoid them and enjoy your success.


Darren is a national trainer and consultant working in small and large departments right across Australia. Know what common mistakes Darren sees regularly and what you can do about it.


Covering key issues like rent control, routine inspections and tenant selection, taking on any property without consideration for profitability and how to win business without discounting. Darren reveals common mistakes so you can avoid them, get leverage and success by knowing what these issues are.


This live seminar audio CD pack is unique.


You will not find another audio CD as revealing in common mistakes as you will find right here. So use your time you have in your car between appointments effectively and do something serious about being the best department in your marketplace RIGHT NOW.


When training attendees pay anywhere from $200 to $300 a day for a seminar like this, the cost of this audio CD is a very worthwhile investment.


In this live seminar CD you will learn:

  • Identify common mistakes that are occurring in offices everywhere, so you can correct and avoid the pain they can bring.
  • Know how to stand out from the pack with powerful points of difference and win the business.
  • Be exposed to eight key benchmarks and recognise quality business from 'all business' so you can build a quality rent roll.
  • Get the edge with ten power keys to Zero Tolerance Rent Control, Tenant Selection and Routine Inspections and be the best in town.


Mistakes bring success when we identify the problem and make a change. Don’t let them go to waste, make these common mistakes your pathway to success today.


Don't delay in making a difference today to your department.


Act NOW and conquer your problems NOW, not later.


Listen to this audio in your car or download to your smartphone or MP3 player.


Audio CD x 1 


Running time - 72 minutes (approx)


Packaging- please note you may receive audio packs with our former brand colours and look, until our stocks are able to be fully switched over to our new look packs. Content will be exactly the same as promoted.


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